The Obstacles To Writing

As I dive into the blogging discipline (and this time I swear I’m going to stick to it) it’s a good idea to consider the many things that will instantly, with the zeal of white blood cells rushing to crush a newly invading bacterial infection, hit me with a fog of distracting, demoralizing, sticky complications that prevent me from doing what I want to do most — which is write.  First, my family.  They love me, they want my attention, they mean well.  They also have no idea, no matter how often I tell them, that I can’t jump up and get the trash cans taken out and then just sit right back down and pick up where I left off.  It doesn’t work that way.  This concentration business is no mean feat.  Then there’s my checking up on the baseball scores, the ever-present game in progress, which of course commands my fatalistic attention.  I’m a lifelong Dodger fan, you see, (that’s the LA Dodgers, to those of you living outside the USA and wondering what it might be that so fascinates Americans about that damn game — which is the subject, I would think, of another blog at some point) and the attendant pain of following that particular team is both epic and the stuff of legend.  It’s also the stuff of bonding with one’s father, at least it was for me, and for that I will forever love the Dodgers, bums or not, because they’ve given me cherished memories of times I shared with my Dad.  Football, shmootball, I say.  Anyway, also among the distractions creating that aforementioned fog (which is the source of my blog’s title, Bloginafog) is my own personal weakness — hunger. The stomach is the enemy of the mind, and don’t let anybody tell you any differently.  Then come late night tv shows, the life crises of one’s children, the somewhat wearying quest for a JOB in this economy to underwrite one’s life — including one’s writing — and of course the snowstorm of internet distractions, social media, and the various means, in my case, that one must employ to market and publicize the books, movies, and television I write.  Now you might well say that I have successfully managed to crank out this particular first blog without any of the above mentioned tormentors driving me to distraction.  And you’d be right.  Sometimes in the writing life, the writer wins.  Chalk one up for me (although upon checking, I notice that we can’t chalk one up for the Dodgers tonight).


About tomszollosi

I've been a professional screenwriter, television writer, and novelist for over 30 years. I'm at present working on a pilot, I've just put my first ebook (a novel called "The Space He Filled") up on Smashwords, and I've got another, "The Proving" (previously published by Doubleday in 1988), coming up online soon. I'm happily married with two sons, a beloved nephew, and a chocolate labrador retriever named Kahlo. View all posts by tomszollosi

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