A Brand New Gunslinger

I just watched the guts of Rick Perry’s announcement (which he’d tipped everyone off to in a shameless bit of pre-announcement announcing for days before) that he’s seeking the Republican presidential nomination.  I think he’s going to get it, because he’s a really great demagogue, and clearly has figured out the best way to slither into the consciousness of his “base”.  He’s a frightening, skilled propagandist, and he has no problem, surprise-surprise, lying through his teeth.  He actually pretends to want to help the little guy get work by preserving the sanctity of every last cent the corporations and ultra-wealthy are hoarding.  He actually wants to dump even more onto the backs of the already beaten-down average joe.  He says it’s all Obama’s fault, and that somehow the president has an “obsession” with taking more and more of the hard-earned taxpayers’ money and giving it to the “central government” to “spread the wealth”.  How many virulent buzz words can you cram into a sentence, Rick?  He is far better at this than George W. Bush.  Somebody called him George W. on steroids, and they’re right.  He knows how to rouse his base, knows how to get phrases like “grace of God” into his text, and reminds me chillingly of Jimmy Swaggert.  When we find out that he’s cheating on his wife, he’s going to cry, beg our forgiveness, and grovel like a champ.

I’m going to keep this particular blog simple and fast, because I don’t want to obfuscate or confuse by trying to be clever and artsy-fartsy in the writing.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT BLOG I MAY EVER WRITE, BECAUSE IF THIS EVIL MAN WINS THE WHITE HOUSE, WE ARE ROYALLY FUCKED. Pardon my french, but sometimes only french can get it said.  He is bad news, and then he’s worse news.  Everyone with a working brain needs to be aware, to be afraid, and to be VOTING AGAINST RICK PERRY.


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I've been a professional screenwriter, television writer, and novelist for over 30 years. I'm at present working on a pilot, I've just put my first ebook (a novel called "The Space He Filled") up on Smashwords, and I've got another, "The Proving" (previously published by Doubleday in 1988), coming up online soon. I'm happily married with two sons, a beloved nephew, and a chocolate labrador retriever named Kahlo. View all posts by tomszollosi

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